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Eye DoctorWelcome to Bogey Hills Vision! Your vision is the most valuable sense that you have. That is why you should be concerned about your vision or the health of your eyes.

Regularly visiting an optometrist is important for people of all ages. Even if your vision is fine, an optometrist can help find early signs of disease such as diabetes.

Even those who do not wear eyeglasses or contacts should still visit an optometrist because it is important to have your vision checked regularly with an eye exam. Call now to make an appointment!

Special Offers

$199 contact Lens Package

Our contact lens package includes a comprehensive eye exam with glasses prescription, contact lens fitting, and 6 months of monthly contact lenses all for $199*. We've priced this service to be very competitive with other local and online alternatives. Also, upgrade to a 1 year supply of lenses for an additional $100** and receive up to $75 back via contact lens rebate

*Daily disposable contact lenses vary in price- but are also discounted with this package. Call us for pricing on your specific brand. 

**Year supply upgrade pricing may vary depending on contact lens brand. 

50% off Second Pair Glasses

All second pair sales within 30 days of your first purchase are 50% off! Whether you need prescription sunglasses, prescription office/ reading glasses, or just a backup pair - this is the deal for you. 

50% off glasses with purchase of 1 year supply Contact lenses

The convenience of clear vision without glasses is the best part of contact lenses- but having a backup pair of glasses is essential for emergency situations. We discount 50% off any glasses purchase within 30 days of your purchase of a 1 year supply of contact lenses. Don't be caught without a good pair of glasses when you need them! 

Dr. Bennett is wonderful! So thorough that I know my vision is really in great hands! I would not trust my eyes with anyone else. The staff is top notch, professional and courteous. This is my home town and only town vision center.

Jennifer S.


  • Comprehensive Eye Exams

  • Prescription Eyeglasses

  • Contact Lens Exams

  • Designer Frames

  • Order Contact Lenses

  • Primary Eye Care

  • Rx Sunglasses

  • Eye Injuries

  • Vision Testing

  • Eye Infections

  • Eye Conditions

  • And More!

What Services Do We Provide?

An optometrist offers a variety of services related to the eyes. The most services common include eye exams. Eye exams can be routine, medical or devised so that the doctor can prescribe glasses or contact lenses to improve vision. Additionally an optometrist can help with finding diseases of the eye and with emergencies involving the eye. Each office may have different services, depending on who is on staff, so call ahead to find out what is available.

How Can I Prepare for My Appointment?

Contact us to find out if we will be dilating your eye as part of the exam. If so, you will want to have a driver available since you will be sensitive to sunlight. Additionally, make sure you bring your existing glasses or contacts (or a copy of your prescription) and information about any medicines you take. This information can make it easier for the doctor to identify problems or changes with your eyes. Finally, relax - an appointment with the eye doctor is usually a quick and minor doctor's visit.

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