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If you require eyeglasses to see properly, visit Bogey Hills Vision Center in Saint Charles if you are ready to purchase a new pair. Our optometrists can do an eye and vision exam to help you find the correct prescription for your eyeglasses.

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Speak To Our Optometrists about Your Vision Concerns

Before your eyes are checked to determine your prescription strength, our optometrists will ask you a series of questions about your eye health and vision concerns. Be sure to let our optometrists know about any vision problems you are experiencing so that these problems can be addressed and treated appropriately. After your exam, our eye doctors will tell you what your prescription strength will be.

Have an Idea about the Frames You Would Like To Wear

Before visiting our optometry practice, consider taking a look at magazines or online photographs to get an idea what style frame you would like to wear. Relay your desires to our staff so that they can help you select a pair of frames from our inventory that suit your wishes. We offer a wide variety of styles, colors, and shapes of frames, making it easy to find a set that you love.

Know What Frames Look Great With Your Face Shape

The shape of your face will have an impact on the type of frames that suit it best. Look at a photograph of yourself to determine the shape of your face. Once you know what type of shape you have, check out our “select your frames section” under “frames” at our website. This can give you an idea which style of frames will look good on your face and it also provides more information about the shape of a face.

If your face is circular, opting for a pair of angular frames will help balance your look. If your face is heart-shaped, frames with embellishments at the temples will draw the eyes upward, helping to take away focus from your chin. If you have a rectangular face, consider purchasing eyeglass frames that are round or oval to round out your appearance favorable.

Contact Bogey Hills Vision Center in Saint Charles to make an appointment with our optometrists for an eye and vision examination. Call our optometry practice today at (636) 946-1176 to find out more about the services we provide or to ask us questions about the examination procedures required to obtain eyeglasses.


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