Contact Lens Exams

If you are tired of wearing glasses, you should consider getting contact lenses. Contacts give you a more natural appearance. Also, you will not need to worry about eyeglass frames or dirty lenses obstructing your vision. Finally, if you are an athlete or an active person, contact lenses are a more convenient alternative. If you are thinking about getting contacts, you will need to schedule a contact lens exam with Bogey Hills Vision Center in Saint Charles, MO. Before scheduling your appointment, you should know what to expect.

contact lens exam

Checking the Health Of Your Eye

During the contact lens exam, your eye doctor will perform an exam to determine your eye health. Certain conditions of the eye will make you hard-to-fit for contacts, which would require a special lens.

Determining Your Prescription

Because eyeglasses sit in front of your eyes and contact lenses sit right on your eye, the two prescriptions would not be the same. During your contact lens exam, your optometrist will perform an exam to determine the size lens you need and the correct prescription.

Discussing Your Lifestyle

During your exam, your eye doctor will talk with you a bit about your lifestyle. This will help them determine if you would be best fit with a daily lens, a weekly lens, a bi-weekly lens, a monthly lens, or an extended wear lens. They will try to fit you with contacts that best suit your lifestyle so that wearing them will be as convenient as possible.

Contact Lens Teaching

Before you can start wearing contacts, you will need to know how to insert them, remove them, and care for them. During your contact lens exam, you will sit down with a technician who will teach you everything that you need to know so that you can wear your trial lenses home. They will work with you until you get the hang of it.

Scheduling a Follow up

At the end of your visit, you will need to schedule a follow up appointment. During this appointment, your optometrist can test your vision to make sure that you can see as clearly as possible. They will also want to know if the contacts are comfortable. If any changes need to be made, your eye doctor can make the necessary changes and send you home with another pair of trial lenses. If the contacts are comfortable and you can see clearly, you can order your supply during the follow up visit.

Call Bogey Hills Vision Center Today!

If you are going to continue to wear contact lenses or you are interested in wearing them for the first time, you will need to schedule a contact lens exam with Bogey Hills Vision Center every year. It is important to understand that most vision insurances do not cover the cost of the contact lens exam; therefore, you will need to pay for the appointment out of your own pocket. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

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